New Features in Adobe Illustrator CS6

I am putting this here so I don’t forget, part of my new Memory Overflow category.

Iaroslav Lazunov over at put this nice list together describing what is new in Adobe Illustrator CS6 (this link here covers the whole CS6 Suite). He even shows some examples of how to use the new or changed tools. While he does talk about gradients on strokes and pattern creation, the two biggies everyone keeps writing about. He also goes into some of the little things that make the program better.

I for one am hoping it is more stable and with the 64bit support and ability to use more ram, maybe it will be.

Sadly, you still can’t scrub values, select colors outside the color picker or rotate the canvas (view) in Illustrator CS6 like you have been able to do in Photoshop for a while now.

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