My Third Annual: Completing the Rapha Festive 500, the riding was the hard part.

In the past getting time to ride has been the hard part. This time around I had plenty of time. The real challenge this year was the weather. Keep in mind, I am used to mild California climate and my tolerance for cold is fairly low. As I write this it is 68F in my house and my feet are freezing, I think they are purple. I know, rule #5, sure thing, I’ll get right on that. Besides, I finished the Rapha Festive 500 in four rides didn’t I, so I HTFU well enough I think.

Mini cold weather cycling apparel review: Of all of the gear I wore, my Rapha Soft Shell Jacket and Thermal Bib Shorts, along with the Paerl Izumi gloves and shoe covers and a craft windstopper beanie were the best bits of kit. I only have one of the Rapha kits so the other rides were cold one way or another. I did decide that, at least down into the 30s, my legs don’t need covering as long as the rest of me is covered, so that should save me on leg warmers.

Looking at the year overall, I did a lot of riding but not as much as 2014. I spent a lot of time on the trainer and did a lot of great events and the most memorable were the ones I did with friends. Here is a snapshot of the trophy case.

Here is a year end review video Strava made: 2015 Strava video


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