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Collection – Olmsted Point with Aperture Academy


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Collection – Yosemite


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The Other Yosemite Valley

Since its creation, the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir has been steeped in controversy. A sister valley to the great Yosemite Valley, the dam’s creation was hotly contested when it was built and that controversy seems to live on even today in the determination of a few. For more on that, visit

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Yosemite in a warm winter

Taken back in November, these night shots of the valley were made by moonlight.

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Found on the Digital Darkroom Floor

  These two were left behind during post processing as needing more than just a few slider adjustments in Lightroom and have languished in storage until now.  After looking at each one for a while things took shape in my head about how to present each photo. Half Dome from Tunnel View was taken in poor weather this […]

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Bear in the Yosemite Woods

While on the trail today in Yosemite, we saw this bear across the river. He was rooting around in the scrub and then left across the road in a hurry.

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Yosemite Animals in February

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Horsetail Falls Firefall 2011

This is one of those things that happens once a year and unfortunately it was snowing earlier in the week. You can read more about it at Michael Frye’s website here So it was Sunday and the sky had a few clouds but otherwise it was clear. We parked at the street and walked up to […]

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Yosemite in February

This was a great weekend in Yosemite. We got in on Thursday and it snowed all day Friday. By Saturday we were surrounded in deep clouds and by Sunday it was crystal clear.

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